Examining the intersection between philosophy and game design

Philosophy and video games

Advanced A.I. is challenging the idea that creativity will forever be a human-exclusive skill

Key takeaways from the Learn ML Webinar on teaching AI in Schools

Free Educational Games for Lockdown Learning

Artificial Intelligence is being trained to make weapons and predict the outcome of battles. But fear not — there is no nefarious purpose behind this work at The Institute of Digital Games; the research intends to make games more balanced and enjoyable.

HERE — Game by Prof. Stefano Gualeni, Institute of Digital Games
‘Here’ — Game by Prof. Stefano Gualeni

Learning and Fun

Institute Games — Made at the IDG in Malta

Jasper Schellekens

Jasper Schellekens is part of the top-ranked Institute of Digital Games at University of Malta. Leading innovative research from Game AI to Game Philosophy.

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